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A personal message from Steven

The fantastic thing about my job is that every client and case is different.

Here at BSN we make the difference by providing constructive help and advice to those who have suffered distressing loss and damage, and sometimes trauma. People, businesses and professions in every sphere, and each presenting a unique challenge: Is it insured? Is the cover adequate? Have the policy conditions been met? Is there sufficient evidence to support the claim? Who or what was responsible, and is there an uninsured loss to pursue against a third party? These are just a few of the myriad things to consider and address at every stage of the claim process.

Delivering on the often pressing needs of our client, whilst simultaneously satisfying the enquiries and investigations of the insurance company can prove extremely challenging, but we are equal to the task, and never afraid of holding the insurers to account when their approach is unfair or unreasonable.

I am proud of BSN’s reputation for persistence, straight dealing and skilled advocacy. Our claim preparation and presentation is underpinned by an ethos of attentive and effective service, and we consistently deliver positive outcomes from negative situations.

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Steven S Newman